Engineered Hardwood Floors in North Richland Hills, TX

Get the look and feel of hardwood with increased resistance to moisture and humidity with engineered hardwood floors in North Richland Hills, TX. Trust the professionals at locally-owned It's Your Floor when you're looking to invest in the value and appearance of your home. We have a decade and a half of experience as hardwood flooring contractors, qualifying us for any interior redecorating project.

Your floor has to stand up to both heavy foot traffic and spills while maintaining an attractive appearance. We've developed our installation skills to provide meticulous engineered hardwood floors and traditional hardwood flooring services. We also offer scheduled maintenance to ensure your new floors endure for years to come with undiminished beauty.

Engineered Hardwood Floor

Come by our hardwood flooring showroom to see what we have to offer. Our team of professionals also handles other flooring materials, such as laminate, carpet, and tile. With our level of experience, you can trust us to give you the customized treatment you expect. With the extensive inventory in our hardwood flooring store, we have just what you need, whether you need a hardwood flooring replacement or new installation.

Engineered Hardwood Floor in North Richland Hills, TX

What Are Engineered Wood Floors?

Engineered wood floors are particularly popular for its composition of multiple thin layers that are fused together to form a single board. The layers, which do not have to be from the same wood species, are finished with a last layer that is glued to the supportive layers, and this determines the specific species of engineered hardwood.

Engineered wood, compared to regular hardwood floors, doesn't require as much care and is less susceptible to water damage than solid wood. A perfect choice for basements and bathrooms, engineered hardwood flooring is resistant to water and humidity more than its solid counterpart.

Adding Value to Any Building

Engineered wood flooring adds value to any building. This option is made from planks consisting of several layers of wood. The layers are fused together with intense pressure and heat to create a floor with remarkable longevity. Its main advantage is that it will not contract and expand as the humidity fluctuates, as hardwood floors do. And because of the style of its construction, it is a more affordable option for the professional or the homeowner. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do. We'll gladly start you off with a free estimate.

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